Introducing ArgentinU, BSC’s cutest World Cup 2022 mascot and Messi’s biggest supporter, cheering him on as he plays his last World Cup tournament and hopefully winning the final award to complete his legendary career.

ArgentinU is a community-based, meme token made with excitement and passion for football and the FIFA World Cup, and most importantly, to celebrate the very last games of Messi, the greatest footballer of all time! 🐐

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Our Team is working on several utilities. Some of the Utilities are Staking the token, And creating a Swap where one can swap there tokens without listing them.


Argentinu is your chance to get in early with this huge narrative. If you understand influence of World Cup Meta in memecoins, then you can get an idea of how much attention we will get with the soon to be revealed, and future launch of the token, along with the Messi fan page promo stuff and world cup in the corner


Our Tokenomics


There will be a total supply of 10,000,000 $ARGENTINU


For the first 24 hours taxes will be 8/8. After 24 hours, taxes will be changed to 0% buy and 2% sell


During the launch the 40% of the supply will be burned. Which means 60% of the total supply will be circulating supply

How To Buy

Download Wallet Apps
On Desktop

Download the official Metamask extension for Google Chrome from and follow the steps to create an account.

On Mobile

Download the official TrustWallet app from for your mobile device.

Don't forget to save your recovery phrase and never share it with anyone

Purchase BNB on Exchange

Purchase on Exchange such as You will need this bnb to purchase your ArgentINU ($ARGENTINU). Once you have obtained your bnb send it to your wallet address as BEP-20.

Visit Pancakeswap

Visit connect your wallet, click swap. Select bnb as the top option and paste our contract address: (0xc6d99c4ff1e794de008e9fa33902c7a7e3432f29) into the bottom section.


Hold your ArgentINU and be part of the family.



  • Phase 1

     Website launch

     NFT conception design

     Marketing campaign (AMA tour, banners social media)

     2000 community members

     Staking Live

  • Phase 2

     NFT branding and marketing

     Public Presale

     Apply Post-launch marketing

     Launch after 24 hours

     Pre-launch marketing (CMC & CG listing, trending on different platforms)

     Minting engine & NFT Giveaway

     Daily BUSD Rewards competitions

     Aggressive marketing during World Cup to target Argentina fans and Messi fans

  • Phase 3

     Minting engine & NFT Giveaway


     Twitter trending of the #ArgentinU

     Messi fan page promos and stuff